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The Aircooled VW scene, whichever model we cherrish, is incredibly rich of events, clubs and professionals. To help you and me in finding what we're looking for, I've created this small website that maps meetings, pros and Clubs so its alot easier to find something.

This webiste it 100%free, wasn't though to replace the forums we love nor the other website we use, its juste a tool that helps.

Since I'll never make any money from this website, except if a conglomerate wishes to buy it from me for a few millions, I count ont its membres and visitors to save me some time by treating it well and providing good informations. If it turns into a nightmare, I'll just close it, I'd be saddened but it won't change my life.

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 All the information on this website is submited by members. if you wish to register a Pro, a Club or a Meeting, please register, its free.